We are a Freigth Fowarding, created for provide international logistics, advice, information and the necessary tools for our clients products and merchandises, arrive to the preset destination, seeking for maximun security and higher rentability.

We are a venezuelan Company, constructed by a group of specialists with a wide logistics and international cargo managment experience, we count with a extensive range of highly qualified agents worldwide, oriented to offer an optimum service in international maritime, air and ground freight, general cargo, loose cargo (contenerizados y paletizados), import customs and consolidated cargo offices, storage and international insurance.

We hope that you will let us offer you all our benefits for the Access to a more personalized way of our work model in our different deparments: Comercial, operational and administrative.

Recognizing our clients and comercial allies, as bussines chances generators people, understanding their importance, effort and interest.


Our misión is provide international logistics freight services, wich gives effective solutions to every exporter and importer, no matter the volumen of the load to ship.

On this way, NAHUEL Servicios Internacionales Cargo count with “great commercial allies”, achieving full costumer satisfaction.


We consolidated us as international freight logistics leaders worldwide, providing better and efficient service each day. Making strategics alliances committed with our clients needs and looking for a whole service that allow us to reach a recognized national and international prestige.

And go hand by hand with now days new bussines trends and energy.


In NAHUEL we are proactive, with a great expansion capacity sustaining our management in values like responsability, honesty, respect, innovation and excellence.

  • Respect

We are aware of our clients and comercial allies value, as bussines chances generators people, understanding their importance, effort and interest.

  • Confidence

Our crew and commercial allies count on great experience and trajectory on logistics and international freight área.

  • Responsability

With the world and specially with our clients, providing a personalized attention to every need as an exporter or importer of merchandise.

  • Honesty

We offer a completly real, clear and trustworthy atention.

  • Innovation

We base our services in constant innovation with high quality technology, that allow us been one step ahead, minimizing risks and accomplishing with the best skills each one of our acctions.

  • Excellency

We work hardly for keeping an excellence service and the continue improvement on our process, having our clients satisfacction as our main goal.

our allies


You benefits from our experience delivering effective solutions to the main supply chains worldwide. That’s why we provide you all the innovations, even if it’s just a simple extention of our services on air and maritime freight, a cargo storage ori f needs a whole new delivery and transportation system.


Each new solution suggested, enriches our experience, credibility and capacity.That’s why NAHUEL team is ready to support your bussines.

Safe and reliable

You benefits on our experience delivery effective solutions, using the main supply chains worldwide.

Fastest delivery

We provide you with the newest air, ground and maritime freight services, including cargo storage with the logistical support needed

Support 24/7

This is why you will always find our exceptional support group ready to use their knowledge and passion on solutions for support the grow of your bussines.